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It’s the Player that’s incompatible, not your disc.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the disc you receive from thumbprints Multimedia is 100% DVD compliant as specified by the DVD Consortium, a group comprised of the ten companies who originated the DVD format. We only produce high-quality, state-of-the-art products.

Will my disc work on my player?

The easy answer is that over 95% of the DVD players on the market today will play your DVD. These players are generally produced by the major manufacturers and are 100% DVD compliant. So what about the other 5%? Well, some manufacturers, in a rush to get products to market, build their machines to work on most discs, realizing that some features of DVD may not work. Many of these machines have problems playing certain Hollywood titles as well as DVD-R discs which are the only reasonable media option when creating “short run” or “one off” DVD production. Replicated DVD’s (Like the ones you rent in the video stores) are 100% compatible but most manufactures have a 1000 disc production minimum. So why don't we create replicated discs? The initial mastering process is extremely expensive, $2500.00 to $5,000 US.

I have a “first generation” player. Will my disc work?

First generation DVD players are defined as those introduced in 1997, the year DVD was introduced to the world. Many of the players that first hit the streets are not 100% compliant with the entire DVD specification. The number of these players that are incompatible is substantially higher than 5%.

What if my disc won’t work in my player?

Well, most likely the disc you received from thumbprints Multimedia contains treasured memories that you will enjoy for a lifetime. Since a DVD is designed to last 100 years, it is certain that you will be enjoying your DVD for much longer than your current player will last. DVD is the first media that truly gives you the opportunity to preserve your memories for many generations. However, if you have purchased an incompatible player, here are some possible solutions:

  • Return your player. If you bought the player recently, you may be able to return it for a new, compliant player. One of our customers had just purchased a player and found that it wasn't compatible (but it was cheap) and was able to return it for a Toshiba player for only a few dollars more that was recently rated a best buy.
  • Buy a new player. Although this seems like a bit of a drastic solution, with the cost of a good, compatible player as little as $200, many people simply get a new player. They may keep the other player for another room in the house or give it to a family member as a gift.
  • Return your disc for a complete refund. thumbprints Multimedia does offer a complete, Money Back Guarantee if your disc does not work on your player. Simply return the disc to us and we will refund your money. To date, while a few customers have had players that weren't compatible, we have yet to have a customer take advantage of this guarantee. We recommend you verify your player(s) compatibility before placing large quantity orders. thumbprints Multimedia reserves the right to limit the amount of our “Compatibility Money Back Guarantee” refund to the original production and one additional copy.
DVD Player Compatibility

The following information has been provided to us by our customers and other industry resources. thumbprints Multimedia Inc., it's employees and agents can not confirm or deny the accuracy of the following information. Nor shall they be accountable for any unintentional inaccuracies.

DVD-R Compatible:
The following players have been found to reliably play DVD-R media.
Not Reliable or Incompatible
The following players have been found to not reliably play DVD-R media
Aiwa XDDV290, XDDW1 XDD370, XDDW1U, XDDW5, XDDV300
Apex AD660, AD703 AD500A, AD600A
Apple Computers Apple provides information regarding DVD-R media on their web site. (None Reported)
Arcon DV88 (None Reported) 
Denon DVD3000, DVD3300, DVM3700 DVD1000, DVD1500
Emerson DVD2000 (None Reported) 
Fisher (None Reported)  DVDS1100
GE 1106P 1105P
Go! Video (None Reported)  DVS3000, DVR5000
Harman Kardon DVD-5, DVD-50 (None Reported) 
Hitachi 305U GD3000, GD5000, GVD305
JVC XV723, XVD55, XV511BK XV-421BK, XV-501BK, XV-521BK, XV-523GD, XV-525BKXV-1000, XV-D701BK,XV-D723GD, XV-565BK, XV-M555BK,XV-M567GD
Kenwood (None Reported)  DV-303, DV402, DV403
KLM (None Reported)  DVD1000
Konka KD1800U1 (None Reported)
Magnavox DVD711/171 (None Reported) 
Marantz DV-3100 (None Reported) 
Memorex (None Reported)  MVD2026
Mitsubishi DD6000 DD2000, DD3000, DD4001
NAD T55 (None Reported) 
Onkyo DV-S535, DVC-601 (None Reported) 
Oritron DVD100, DVD200, DVD600 (None Reported) 
Panasonic CT27DC50, DVDA7, DVDA10, DVDA100, DVDA300, DVDA310, DVDK520, DVDL10D, DVDL110, DVD-RV55, DVDT2000, DVDCV50, DVDL50, DVDLV55, DVDLV75, DVD-RV20, DVD-RV31K DVDA110, DVDA120, DVD-C220, DVDCV40, DVDCV50, DVDCV51, DVDH1000, DVDRP56, DVDRV30, DVD-RV30S, DVDRV31S, DVDRV41, DVDRV60, DVDX410, PVD-M2791, PV-DF2000, PV-DF2700, DVDLV60, DVDLV70
Phillips DVD940 DVD701AT, DVD710AT, DVD711AT, DVD170, DVD400, DVD405, DVD751, DVD825AT, DVD850, DVD950AT
Pioneer DV301, DV500, DV505, DVD1065, DVD-V7400, DVF07, DVL700, Elite, PDVLC10, DV434, DVC503, DV525, DV606D, Elite DV-05, PDV-LC10 DV414, DV-C302D, DVC603, DV-626D, DVF727, Elite DV-09
Proscan P8619P, P8680Z (None Reported) 
Raite RDP715 (None Reported) 
RCA RC5200, DC5215P, RC5220P RC5225P, RC5400P, RC5910P, RC6000P
Sampo (None Reported)  DVE520
Samsung DVD905, DVD511, DVD611, DVD-M301 DVD839, DVD709/XAA, DVD711, DVD739, DVD-M101, DVDN200, DVD-N501, DVDC600, DVD-C601
Sharp DV750U, DV-L70U DV600
SMC DVD3305 (None Reported) 
Sony DAVS300, DVP660, DVP670D, DVP680, DVPC600, DVPC670D, DVPCX860, DVPCX870D, DVP-NS300P, DVP-NS400P, DVP-NC600P,DVP-NS700P, DVPS300, DVPS350, DVPS500, DVPS520, DVPS570D, DVPS9000ES, DVPC650D, DVPCX850D, DVP-FX1, DVPS330, DVPS360, DVPS530D, DVPS550D, DVPS560D, DVPS7700, PlayStation 2 DVPS3000, DVPS3000TP, DVPS7000, PVDV30
Sylvania (None Reported)  DVL100A, DVL1000
Technics A10D (None Reported) 
Toshiba SD9200, SD1200, SD1600, SD1700, SD2150, SD2200, SD2300, SD2705, SD2705, SD4205, SD4205, SDP1000 SD2006, SD2107U, SD2108U, SD2109, SD3006, SD3107, SD3109, SD4109X, SD5109, SD6109C, SD9000, SD9100
Tredex TX8303 (None Reported) 
X-Wave (None Reported)  B171-L9
Yanaha DVDC996, DVDS700, DVDS796 DVDC900
Zenith DVC2200, DVC2250, DVC2515 IQDVD2300
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