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DVD Themes

Terrific Themes.
Themes included with our DVD packages help us get started fast. Each theme has its own custom button shape and font to create polished DVDs.

Pick and go.
You can choose from a wide selection of standard themes. Each theme’s distinctive background, button style and font create different moods and tell your viewers part of your story for you. For example, a map on the Road Trip theme indicates movies or slides from your travels. Photo Album might be perfect to preserve the memory of your child’s first year forever.

Do It Your Way
Once you’ve chosen a base theme, we can customize your project in any number of ways. We can import an image for a customized background, choose any frame of your movie or slide show and transform it into the preview for a DVD button, or, we can also use a picture for your buttons.

We can change the text style for the title or buttons so you can choose different alignments, font faces, colors, and sizes.

Choose from nine different button shapes for a personalized feel. Once you’ve made all your choices, we will save the style for future use. We can then apply your theme to another DVD menu or a whole new project.

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