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Video Package Features

Movie Editing Screenshot
We give your videos eye-popping effects that let you do your storytelling in even more visually interesting ways. We use powerful movie making tools that give us the ability to work with more video footage, and more ways to have fun with titles and effects.
  Visual Effects:
Sepia Tone and Black and White let us add mood to your movies. We can also add effects like Trails and Mirror.

  Motion Effects:
Reverse, slow motion and speed up. See your favorite soccer player's moves in graceful slow motion or flash through a wedding in 30 seconds flat.

  Preview Through Your TV:
Once the video is completed, you preview the project directly from our mobile laptop computer before it is committed to DVD . See true 30 frames-per-second video output right on your VCR or camcorder (or through your camcorder to your TV). If there is any fine tuning, we do it with you right in your home.

  Title Effects:
Size and direction options give you more ways to have fun with on-screen text.

  Add Audio to Your Video:
Supply us with an Audio CD or mp3 or wav music file and we can add music to your video or even blend in and replace music that is on your video.

  Add Narration Audio
Add commentary and dedications to create a personal and dynamic soundtrack.

  Extract Audio and Paste Over:
We can cover existing audio with other video or still clips. Great for narrative storytelling and documentaries.


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